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QR Code

QR Code Generator

Create customized QR codes that grab eyeballs! Add logos and style the QR codes. Store links, texts, email drafts, visiting cards, and surveys easily.

NPS Benchmarks

NPS Benchmarks

A good NPS score in one industry is not the same in another industry. NPS Benchmarks by SurveySparrow is a completely free & accessible repository of net promoter scores of your peers & competitors. Understand what your NPS score is telling you.


RateTheMeeting by SurveySparrow

It is a completely free tool by SurveySparrow to help you power-up your online meetings. Participant feedback or Employee feedback of the meetings you conduct helps you analyze and spot the areas of improvements.

SaaS Affiliate Calculator

SaaS Affiliate Calculator

SaaS Affiliate Calculator helps you accurately calculate the recurring commission you can earn through a SaaS affiliate program.

Margin of Error Calculator

Margin of Error Calculator

Margin of errors is the degree of error in results received from random sampling surveys. It represents how closely the views of your sample audience resemble the entire population & if the sample size you picked is suitable for the survey experiment.


State of CS 2020: Takeaways

The report reflects the research including professionals from 126 companies across the globe. The study revealed many critical attributes of Customer Success & can serve as a credible resource for Customer Success professionals for 2021.