Employee Experience

Gauge an employee’s happiness, understand their job satisfaction, or analyze the workplace-climate.
Elevate employee experience, build a fabulous work culture, & boost productivity.

Build a fabulous work culture.
Chisel a passionate workforce.

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Employee Portal

Set up a self-help employee portal. Handle recruitment, feedback, & all activities in one place

Stay Connected

Conduct daily stand-up, scrum meetings online! Yes. Use our Bot and stay connected always.

Employee Experience

Make employee feedback a routine. Build a positive, thriving work culture

Employee Retention

Build a great workplace. Empower your employees to do their best. Boost retention.

Enrich employee experience.
Start the journey, now!

Create engagements, not turnovers.

Recruiting & Pre-hire

Create an engaging video survey showing your company culture and make recruitment forms. Embed the forms on your career page and receive resumes effortlessly. Reach out to the best talent, interview, and recruit.

Find and attract the best talent for your company and make recruitment easy.

Employee Onboarding

Make the employee onboarding process easy for you and smoother for them. Equip them with the necessary resources and ensure to collect their feedback about the process. Use the feedback to improve the onboarding process.

Improve your customer effort score, CES.

Training & Assessment

Know when an employee requires a training session and schedule it. Collect feedback about the training and execute ways to improve it. Conduct assessments, quizzes, auto-score responses, and evaluate employees quickly.

Equip your employees with all the necessary resources to function better.

Employee Engagement

Share routine employee pulse surveys to measure how engaged a workforce your organization has. Improve the culture, enquire satisfaction regarding their job & benefits.

Boost employee engagement and reduce turnovers.

Multi-rater Assessment

Monitor employee activities and take steps to increase employee engagement. Have multiple sub-accounts for each department in your organization, with centralized billing. Enable SSO.

Evaluate the performance of your employees and help them grow and excel.

Employee Pulse Surveys

Send white-labeled employee surveys routinely to know their pulse. Automate the process using recurring features; quarterly or bi-annually. Schedule reports to your inbox at any preferred time and peruse the data at any time.

Schedule and automate pulse surveys and collect routine employee feedback.

Management Surveys

Set-up an all-in-one employee portal for your organization. Be it ad-hoc employee requirements, incident reporting, leave request form, or time-off forms, make it available in one place.

Setup a single employee portal to cater to multiple employee needs.

Employee Exit Surveys

Uncover the reasons behind the exit of an employee. Conduct exit-interview surveys and use the feedback to improve the work culture of your company.

Collect exit feedback from ex-employees and use it to improve work culture.

Enrich employee experience.
Start the journey with us, now!

Adapts to Your Ecosystem
Simplify tasks, optimize workflows, get things done.

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